Mesh Eyes: Information

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Most of us have differently sized eyes. In order for the mesh eyes to fit you properly, you may have to do some minimal adjusting. *PLEASE first make a copy of the eyes you want to edit, just in case. It’s always good to have an unedited back-up. 🙂

*Start by wearing the included eyeball alpha, to make it easier to see and select the mesh eyes.*

1. To make the actual mesh eye larger or smaller, simply stretch it via the edit menu (right click the eye > edit > stretch). Make sure “stretch both sides” is checked in the edit menu. After stretching, you may also have to move the eyes forward or back in their sockets.

2. To make the iris larger or smaller, you can edit the “Repeats Per Face” under the texture tab of the edit menu.

To do this:

Right click on the mesh eye and select “edit”. Once in the edit menu, click the “texture” tab. You will see that I have set the textures to 0.600 horizontal and 0.900 vertical. Simply increase or decrease these numbers in increments until you are satisfied with the size of your iris.

You don’t want to change the rotation (well, unless you want sideways or upside-down eyes, lol) or the repeats/meter.

And please, please make a back-up copy of the eyes before you do any editing.


In order for you to be able to experience the versatility of .ID. mesh eyes, I will be offering one free pair as opposed to demos. This way you can mod them to your liking and get a feel for them.

There will only be one style / color available as a free pair.

The free pair will always be available.


.ID. mesh eyes, just like the .ID. prim eyes, are sold copy/mod. This is to encourage customization (size, tint, fullbright, glow, shine, transparency). Because of the copy/mod permissions, I cannot offer refunds on these items because there is no way for you to hand the item(s) back to me.


For the .ID. mesh eyes, I used a full-perm mesh eye template created by Josh Figgis.