Q: Do you do customs?

A: I do! My time is limited though, so I don’t often take on large projects. Send me a note card with your request and I will get in touch with you within 48 hours.

Q: I’m looking for ________ but it’s not in your store anymore. Can I buy it from you?

A: A lot of my older items (from 2010-early 2011) have been “retired” which means I no longer have them for sale. Most of the really old stuff has been deleted completely from my inventory, in which case I cannot offer them for sale.

Q: My eyes won’t load, what should I do?

A: There are a few things you can try when textures fail to load:

1.  Make sure your inventory is fully loaded. If your inventory window is not giving you an item count, click over to the “recent” tab. This should prompt your inventory to fully load. Once it does, try wearing the eyes again.

2. Rebaking (ctrl + alt + R). This will prompt all avatar textures to re-load. (*Note: this does not work on attachments, and will not work for mesh eyes.)

3. Try clearing your cache and re-logging.

4. Check your internet connection for packet loss and low connectivity. This is common on wireless connections.

5. Check the Grid Status page to see if there are any problems with the grid.

If you do all of these and are still having a problem, shoot me an IM or note card and I will replace the pair that is giving you trouble. If the replacement pair still does not load, you may have to file a ticket with LL support.

Q: Do you offer demos?

A: For the regular (system) eyes, no. I do, however, frequently offer complimentary store gifts, VIP gifts, and participate in budget shopping events. The free store gifts are a great way for you to try out my eyes and see if you like the style. For mesh eyes, I offer one free pair so you can try before you buy.

Q: I’d like to blog your items, may I have some review copies?

A: For the time being, my blogger list is full. This may change in the future. If it does, I will put a notice in my profile and on the blog.