Special discounts & gifts for December!


Enchanted Eyes are available in 18 colors and they utilize specular mapping, which gives a nice sparkly shine effect when advanced lighting is on and an attached light is worn. There’s a short video on my flickr showing what this looks like. These are 25% off until December 26th!


Winter Eyes are available in 12 colors and are also 25% off until December 26th. There is also a special exclusive color only for VIP group members:


The exclusive pack contains all the usual – system eyes, mesh eyes, Omega appliers, and Catwa appliers. Just wear your group tag and click the vendor to receive them. πŸ™‚

.Insufferable Dastard. Main Store



My 5th rez day happens this month, and to celebrate I’m having a HUGE sale at .ID. for the entire month of June!


Visit .Insufferable Dastard.

New @ .ID. & Skin SALE

Three new sets are now available at the .ID. main store!


The Blacks & Whites set is only L$99 for 8 pairs of eyes, in regular & mesh versions.


Jelly Eyes set features 20 color choices in a mix of natural and unnatural shades. L$75 per color pack, includes regular & mesh versions.


Kitty Eyes! 8 color choices, regular & mesh versions included, L$75 per color pack.


For a limited time, all .ID. skins are on sale. The Daniela skin line is 50% off; all Single Skin Packs are 75% off; and the Siobhan skin is 75% off. Daniela will remain in store, but all other skins will be retired after the sale.

Visit .Insufferable Dastard.

>Redbird< Closing Sale!

>Redbird< Body Shop will be closing its doors (permanently) on Saturday, September 15th. Until then, everything in the store is 50% off. Hurry before it’s all gone!

TP to >Redbird< Body Shop

Skin sale @ .ID. | All skins 50% off!

All the skins currently in-store are now on sale @ 50% off their regular price. The sale will last for one week, and then the skins will be discontinuedΒ to make room for new skin releases!

Items on sale:

As of Monday, August 22, these items will be discontinued.

TP to .Insufferable Dastard.

.ID. New Releases 2/20 & SALE

New releases:

Hybrid Eyes – Both light & dark styles included in each color pack. 40L per pack.


Dilated Eyes – both styles included in each color pack. 40L per pack.


Sale items:

Ice Eyes, Natural Eyes, and Tacoma Eyes – all colors / packs have been marked down by 50%. Sale lasts until 2/27, then the items will be retired. These items are only available on the Marketplace.



TP to .Insufferable Dastard. New Release Shop

.ID. on the SL Marketplace

New Items + Huge SALE @ .Insufferable Dastard.

Hey all, happy holidays! πŸ˜€

I have some new fantasy-themed eyes out today:

For the predator in you. πŸ˜‰ These could work nicely as vampire / werewolf / shifter / neko eyes. 10 color choices, available in-store & at the SL Marketplace.

I’m also having a HUGEMONGOUS sale to make room for new releases. Sale items are:

*The entire Tacoma skin line, including:

-All skin tone packs

-Shapes & Cleavage Enhancers

-Eyeshadow Packs

-Eyeliner Pack

-Lip Color Packs

-Tacoma Special Edition Winter Makeup Packs

Other sale items include:

-Vivid Eyes

-Bright Eyes

-Heart Lippies

-Christmas Spirit Hat

-Candy Cane Noms

-Candy Cane Antlers

-Christmas Antlers

-Christmas Stockings

-Gift Boxes

Most of these items are 50% off; a few are more than 50% and a few are less. Sale will last until 12/23 and then these items will be retired. Enjoy!


TP to .Insufferable Dastard.

Visit .ID. @ the SL Marketplace