Sim re-opening

.Insufferable Dastard. is now open again.


Come visit the new build!


2 thoughts on “Sim re-opening

  1. Hi! I wasn’t sure where to contact you about this so I’m just going to leave a comment here. Hopefully you’ll see it. I just had a request for your future eyes–would it be possible for you to release the system eyes in multiple sizes? Your eyes are my absolute favorite but I don’t like how small the system eyes are and thus I don’t wear your eyes even though I own at least 10 pairs. I know the mesh ones are resizable but I’m bad at adjusting them so I always end up with lopsided eyes. I prefer the system eyes. Most creators have at least 3 size options so I just wanted to let you know I hope you release your future eyes in more sizes too. Thank you 🙂

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