New shapes from .ID.

I felt like making some shapes. 🙂 They are based on certain skins and come with lots of extras – including an exclusive pair of eyes!

MainAd-EleaShape1 MainAd-EleaShape2

MainAd-EllyShape1 MainAd-EllyShape2 MainAd-HarleyShape1 MainAd-HarleyShape2

Each shape pack is only L$199 and includes:

1 shape (copy/mod)

1 brow shaper (copy/mod)

1 pair mesh eyelashes (copy/mod)

1 system lash alpha (copy)

1 pair system eyes (copy)

1 pair mesh eyes (copy/mod)

You can get these in-world or on the marketplace. 🙂 I’m working on demos, so stay tuned for those if you would like to try the shapes first!

Edit: Demos are now available!


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