NEW skin @ >Redbird< Body Shop: Sienna

>Redbird< proudly presents: Sienna! This is the full version of the skins I previewed (and that are still available!) at Culture Shock.

Here’s what the vendors look like:

(click to enlarge)

Skins are sold by tone, and each tone comes with:

4 base skins (no makeup, one for each eyebrow color)

24 (!) lipstick tattoos

14 eye makeup tattoos

3 blush tattoos

1 freckles tattoo

1 beauty marks tattoo

cleavage enhancer

shape & eyebrow shaper


All of that – for only L$799 per tone!

Also available separately are these funky eyebrow tints:

10 tattoo eyebrows for only L$60! I’m also working on some other add-ons for Sienna that will be available separately – more lip choices and some eyelashes. πŸ™‚

Free demos available – stop by and try them out!

TP to >Redbird<


2 thoughts on “NEW skin @ >Redbird< Body Shop: Sienna

  1. I can’t find the funky eyebrow tints at the shop – of course there’s always the possibility that I’m blind…. πŸ™‚ Love Sienna!

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