.ID. New Release: Sweet Treats!

Spring Eyes: Sweet Treats are colorful eyes that come in both regular and prim versions! They are made from the same base as the .ID. Spring Eyes.

In each color pack you get:

-Three shades: a basic option, a “lite” (muted) option, and a “seconds” (darker) option

-Five (yes, five!) prim base options: different levels of detail on the whites of the eyes (that are worn with the prim eyes)

-Three sets of prim eyes (six total, left and right) in the basic, lite, and seconds options.

The prim eyes are copy/mod, which means more customization and personalization for you! You can adjust size, brightness, and glow, and you can also mix and match colors.



TP to .Insufferable Dastard.

.ID. @ the SL Marketplace


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