Tacoma is here :)

Tacoma skins are out @ .Insufferable Dastard.

There are 7 tones – Deep, Deep Tan, Tan, Nude, Light, Pale, and Vampy. Each skin tone comes with the eyes shown on the vendor ad in-store. Each tone pack comes with:

Available for purchase separately are these makeups:

I also made some cleavage thingies since everyone has a different preference for their skins. They are not exactly top notch though, so they’re available for only L$20:

There are two Tacoma shapes available:

As a special I did a winter themed makeup. It comes in duo tone packs (except for the Vampy tone, which has the winter makeup and a special “vampy” makeup so you’re still getting two skins) along with a pair of eyes for L$125. So if you don’t want to purchase one of the full Tacoma tone packs, you can still have her in a spiffy little makeup. 😉

And that’s it for Tacoma. 🙂

I put out the December gift a little early – a Santa hat!

The November gift is still out (a free pair of eyes, on the small table to the right of the entrance) and will remain out for a couple more weeks since I was late getting it there.

Enjoy!  TP to .Insufferable Dastard.


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