New @ .ID.



The free trial pair of mesh eyes has been updated! FREE! Includes mesh eyes only.



.ID. Warm Eyes, includes system & mesh eyes, 12 color choices. L$75 per color pack.

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New shapes from .ID.

I felt like making some shapes. :) They are based on certain skins and come with lots of extras – including an exclusive pair of eyes!

MainAd-EleaShape1 MainAd-EleaShape2

MainAd-EllyShape1 MainAd-EllyShape2 MainAd-HarleyShape1 MainAd-HarleyShape2

Each shape pack is only L$199 and includes:

1 shape (copy/mod)

1 brow shaper (copy/mod)

1 pair mesh eyelashes (copy/mod)

1 system lash alpha (copy)

1 pair system eyes (copy)

1 pair mesh eyes (copy/mod)

You can get these in-world or on the marketplace. :) I’m working on demos, so stay tuned for those if you would like to try the shapes first!

Edit: Demos are now available!

Duochrome Eyes: New @ .Insufferable Dastard.




Now available at .Insufferable Dastard. – Duochrome Eyes! Available in 12 colors, includes system & mesh eyes. L$75 per color pack, fatpack available.

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.ID. @ Cosmopolitan

.ID. is participating as a guest designer in this round of Cosmopolitan! I’ve released an exclusive set for this event.


Each color pack is L$75 and includes system & mesh eyes. Visit Cosmopolitan to purchase.

New Releases @ .ID.


Charming Eyes – 10 color choices, system & mesh eyes included, L$75 per color pack.


Circle Lenses – 10 color choices, system & mesh eyes included, L$75 per color pack.

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New @ .Insufferable Dastard.


Ice Eyes, available in 10 colors, L$75 per color pack. Includes system & mesh eyes.

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Special Holiday Set @ .ID.


The Twinkle Eyes set includes 10 colors in system & mesh versions, and comes with a free holiday gift! All for only L$99!

If you’re in the VIP group or the Blogger Group, please check the notices! <3

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2 new sets @ .ID.


Crystal Eyes – 12 colors available, L$75 per color pack.


Stone Eyes – 12 colors available, L$75 per color pack.

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