Moonlight Eyes – New @ .ID.

ID Ad Moonlight

Moonlight Eyes – each color pack includes 3 iris sizes (large, regular, small) in system & mesh eyes!

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Alexis Omega Head Appliers: Out Now @ .Insufferable Dastard.

AlexisAdAlexis Omega Head Appliers – Available in 7 tones

Alexis InfoThe eyes come in each pack (all colors!) but are also available separately.

Alexis Eyes

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NEW @ Insufferable Dastard

ID Ad Autumn EyesAutumn Eyes are available in 18 color choices, and each pack includes system & mesh eyes in 2 iris sizes!

ID Ad Hallows EyesHallows Eyes – pack of 6 eyes in system & mesh.

ID Ad Store Gift Sept 15Store gift – free! :)

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.ID. Temporarily Closed 8.01.15


.ID. is temporarily closed while I update the build & vendors. I will post an update when the store re-opens. Thank you!

New @ .ID. – Wayward Eyes

ID Ad Wayward Eyes

ID Ad - Wayward Color Chart

Wayward Eyes – 15 color choices, L$75 per color pack, includes system & mesh eyes.

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Ball Joint Doll Eyes @ .ID.

BJDHeader BJDMainAd

BJD Eyes feature 3 pupil options in system & mesh versions. Available in 14 shades.


June gift features 2 colors of BJD Eyes, system & mesh versions included. Free!


Exclusive VIP gift – check VIP notices or pick up in-store wearing your group tag.

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My 5th rez day happens this month, and to celebrate I’m having a HUGE sale at .ID. for the entire month of June!


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Fire Eyes v2 – out now!


Fire Eyes v2 feature a white sclera & optional mesh pupils. L$75 per color pack, fatpack available.

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